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Can We Have A Candlelit Meditation?

candle meditation

We all are more than familiar with the romantic candlelit dinners. But do you know something about Candlelit meditation? Yes, this is a kind of meditation using candles. Such meditations have been practised since the invention of candles from 3000 years BC. In today’s world, where people are full of stress which influences our day-to-day activities, meditation helps in reducing those stress by diminishing the production of stress-related hormones like cortisol and by increasing the production of good chemicals like serotonin. So what is so special about this candlelight meditation and the techniques to practice it will be discussed in this article.

Candlelight Meditation – Trataka

Candlelight meditation is called Trataka. Trataka is a Sanskrit word, which means “to look” or “to gaze” is a meditation technique that involves focusing the eyes and the mind through intent but relaxed gazing. Initially, this practice is done with open eyes on an external object. It is also called tratak which is one of the six purification techniques of Hatha yoga. Other objects may also be used, which includes a dot on the wall, an object of worship, flower, mountain, rising sun or moon. However, a flame is believed to work best.

How to Practice?

  • Light a candle and sit at least one meter away from it with the flame at eye level.
  • Focus the gaze on the flame and keep your gaze there without blinking for as long as possible.
  • As different thoughts arise, acknowledge them and then return to focus on the flame.
  • When the eyes start to well up and if tears flow then close your eyes and focus on the after-glow of the flame, bringing awareness to the third eye point.
  • Keep meditating until ready to come out of the practice.

Techniques for a better experience

  • Visualize the flame as a source of love and light.
  • Visualize the flame burning away your impurities.
  • Consider it as a present-awareness exercise.


  • Strengthen the muscles around the eyes and can alleviate nearsightedness.
  • Eliminates insomnia and improves the quality of sleep.
  • Clears the mind, removes distractions, and improved concentration.
  • Improves mental stability and reduces anxiety.
  • Boosts willpower.
  • Develops intuition.

What do Vegan and Cruelty-Free actually indicate?


The two words have become recurring in recent times without their actual meaning known. Many cosmetics and other household products have labelled themselves as vegan and some others say they are cruelty-free. What do they actually indicate?

Well, vegan is a term used to refer to products or consumables that do not have animals or animal products in them. The vegan diet is a well-known diet that people from all over the world support due to various ethical reasons and the health benefits it gives the human body. It is an extension of the vegetarianism where people don’t consume animals with the addition of dairy and eggs because they are received by tormenting animals for mass production. This became popular in recent times after people started realizing the amount of torture an animal undergoes to fulfil our requirements, that eventually changed from need to greed.

Animal lovers started extending their concern further by making sure that this applies to the commodities that they use on a daily basis, which includes, cosmetics, personal care, and cleaning agents. They make sure, all the ingredients that go into the making of the products are vegan. 

Then came another group of people who were against the testing of products on animals because they were physically abused and killed on the process of delivering satisfying products to the customers. One major area where this practice is commonly followed is the cosmetic industry, where a product is tested on the animals in every stage of manufacture.

Testing the products on animals is done in various methods. The animals are made to inhale or eat the raw ingredients and chemicals initially and they wait for the reactions to occur. Then after the process of manufacturing begins, they are applied on the bare skin (the hairs are shaved off) of animals such as rats, mice and rabbits. They are kept under observation and monitored from time to time to see if the product has caused some changes or allergic reactions to their skin. Then after the period of observation, the poor little creatures are cut open to test the condition of the internal organs. 

Very often the animals are tested for a longer duration of time, with carcinogenic ingredients that are a part of the product just to ensure that the combination does not cause any harmful effect on human skin. These animals are put to suffering for years together. In some other cases, pregnant animals are also put to test and then cut open to examine the foetus inside.

And just like the support veganism gained, people were against cruelty and animal testing as well. This paved way for a few recognised certifications given by organisations across the globe which includes leaping bunny, beauty without bunnies and PETA. Despite being unethical there are some countries like China that has made animal testing mandatory for any product to be sold in their market. And there are some brands that claim to be cruelty-free unless asked by the country. But still, personally, I feel it’s all the same because where ever in the world you test it, it’s an animal dying by the end of the day for our benefit and for big brands to make money. And since China is a huge market, many sought to such activities.

Then next we have this category of cosmetics which most beauty bloggers and organisations are promoting. It is the vegan and cruelty-free kind. This has neither been tested on animals not includes animal and animal products. And many consumers have started purchasing cosmetics with a cruelty-free and vegan mark on the labels, which I feel is a good sign. So next time, when you are out shopping make sure to look out for a bunny with a pink heart on in that says V. 

Mukesh Ambani starts another tariff war with Jio Fiber’s rock-bottom tariffs


Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian business magnate, the chairman, managing director, and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited, a Fortune Global 500 company and India’s most valuable company by its market value. This is the basic introduction of one of the world’s richest man. The 62 years old businessman has a net worth of 5940 crores. His introduction of the JIO in India changed the concept of communication systems in India. After its existence, the other networking companies suffered a lot. Recently JIO brought out new IUC policy and it is again hoping to start another tariff war.

A new price war may emerge in the broadband sector with Jio Fiber’s aggressive pricing of its broadband subscriptions. A similar price war triggered when Reliance Jio entered the market in the year 2016 with rock-bottom pricing of mobile data plans. The competitive intensity in the broadband sector will increase as major players to fight to hold on to customers as the price war shifts, according to a report by Elara Capital.

The Reliance Company seems to be set to repeat history with its aggressive pricing to the broadband subscriptions. It undercuts most of the competition, JIo Fiber’s promised monthly plans will be starting at 700 rupees per month with a minimum speed of 100 Mbps. At just half of the price, the company is offering 50GB at a speed of 10mbps which will cut off to 1mbps after fair usage policy.

Similarly, when Jio entered the market back in the year 2016, the data became cheaper than before. The move also pushed out most of the competition in the market. And now, some of the major players in the market are Bharti Airtel and the Vodafone Idea. These two companies are fighting to recover losses as their debt is continuously rising. With the way Jio Fiber’s pricing its products so far- it looks like that there might be another price war on the horizon.

When the data prices on mobile reduced, it brought more people online. But after three years of racking up debt, telecom operators are increasing their prices back up by as almost up to 40 per cent.

They have also asked the TRAI to set up a floor price for data services in order to regulate tariffs because the price war has gotten so intense that no operator will voluntarily correct their prices.

The telecom sector’s price war had JIO in the lead within a short time limit, not just in terms of the users but also in terms of the revenue in the market share. And, the same seems to be set to happen in the broadband sector as well again. Others believe that Jio Fiber’s broadband will not be disruptive asserting that the other operators offer higher value on a per Gb basis.

Today the offers made by JIO continue to keep the customers committed in Reliance whereas the other companies are having a difficult time to cope up with the mighty JIO in the market.  

Why Amazon Storefront can be the Best Marketplace for your Startups?

amazon storefront for startups

Amazon storefront is one of the best ways to make money online with no investment. Amazon lets you set up a storefront of your own where you can sell your own products or you can recommend products that you have purchased to followers.

Setting up an Amazon Storefront is super easy. All you have to do is go to Amazon Webstore Online Portal and create an account. To create an account you need to have at least one social media account connected to the Amazon Storefront. As social media is a great advertising platform where you can target the audience with your media presence. The one who runs the Amazon Storefront is known as the Amazon Influencer.

This is a special section established by the Amazon which concentrates only on small and medium businesses by providing them with a unique platform. Storefronts have actually created a great impact and had created almost 900,000 jobs.

Amazon Storefront gives you an Amazon page of your own, with a custom URL. This URL works as a very powerful tool of marketing, it is easy for the customers or followers to access the products and deals in just one click. When your customers or followers purchase any product from your Amazon Storefront using your link you earn a pretty commission. There are two ways to make money on Amazon Storefront. One is by selling your own product or you can recommend products. Either way, you can earn pretty well.

Why should one own an Amazon Storefront?

Now that you know what Amazon Storefront is and how it works, let me tell you why you should own one.

It costs zero investment

To start an Amazon Storefront all you need is at least one social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. It costs no money to display your product. You have your own start-up business with zero installation fee.

You can have your own page/website

You can add videos, photos and slides of your products as you wish on your page. Also select, edit and change the themes and templates of your page. You’re allowed to select and edit sections, tiles and subpages. Deleting any published section or subpage that you don’t need anymore can be done with few clicks. After all, having an immersive virtual shopping store of your own is fun and cool.

Gain and grow on your own

As you know, you’ll be having a micro-website of your own inside the Amazon, where you can stand out of the box by your marketing skills. Selling products on Amazon lets you grow as an entrepreneur. Not just as an entrepreneur but also you can grow as a unique brand and gain reputation. Though selling your own product or recommending products of other brands is totally up to you.

Flexibility is the best perk here

Here you can work anytime and work from anywhere you wish. You can take up Amazon Storefront as your full-time job or manage it as your part-time job. Amazon Storefront is never going to strictly ask you to work from 9 to 5. You can handle your Storefront from your bed. Yes, it’s as comfy as it sounds!

So if you are planning to give a shot to this giant e-commerce platform, do not wait! Go now to start an eye-catching Amazon Storefront and fill your pockets with pride and pennies.

The Best 3D Printing Software In 2019

bets 3D software

The technique of printing has evolved in the fifteenth century from a simple method of rubbing a paper that is kept on an inked carved woodblock to transfer the ink. This evolution took place in China. Later, it flourished across the globe were in a breakthrough happened when the moveable type printing press was invented in China. This invention brought the possibility to mass-produce a text quickly and efficiently. As development progressed, moveable type transformed into print which was completely automated and mechanized. Print Industry, then began their growth journey.
This growth has reached a significant distance in the field of advancements where 3D printing is conquering every aspect of human life. A recent advancement was through the discovery of a 3D print-manufacture custom-built hearing aids. As per reports, 3D printing is used over 15 million hearing aids worldwide. There is so much software available for 3D printing which enables a user to design and print models. Most of them are user-friendly and easy-to-use slicing software which are hailed for their best performances.


The Cura slicing software is one of the most popular slicing software for 3D printers which was developed in the year 2011 by David Braahm. Cura is produced by one of the biggest printer companies called the Ultimaker. It is a user-friendly, easy-to-use software specifically for beginners and offers support for over 14 languages including German, Chinese, and Spanish. The latest version of Cura also offers to accommodate different range levels and workflows. It provides the users the power to adjust over 300 separate slicing settings, and also special panels to keep the settings visible. Cura is an open-source slicing software that is used worldwide by millions of users for the best printing experience.


Slic3r is another popular user-friendly software designed for 3D printers developed by Allessandro Ranellucci in the year 2011. It is made an open and flexible platform for anyone to alter or shape its development by adding new features to it. It cuts the model into horizontal layers and calculates the amount of material which is to be thrust out. slic3r also manages to use entirely new algorithms and to adapt to different environments, hardware, and operating systems. For users who are new to 3D printing may find slic3r intimidating because of its high speed and also its retardedness in development compared to other software. However, the latest model – Prusa Slicer, developed by Prusa Team has excellent capabilities compared to the base version.


MatterControl2.0 is the latest version of the software which is yet another free, all-in-one software made for designing and slicing in 3D printing. It offers the users a single platform for organizing, slicing and printing their 3D model. The design tool is the most effective feature of the software with design capabilities that rival those of professional where the user can design the parts from scratch. MatterControl is a software package that does all the work so that the user can print the mater directly from MatterControl without using multiple programs. The software enables the user to utilize time more creatively and efficiently.


Kisslicer is yet another brisk and powerful user-friendly 3D print software that handles fast cross-platforms to slice the files. It allows the user to import a 3D file, view and also manipulate it. The software has many advanced slicing features that can turn STL files into G code files using high-quality G code paths for specific prints. Unlike other software, it can cope with very large and compact file size models. Also, Kisslicer has a very broad range of customization. It is hailed as one of the worthy alternatives compared to the other slicing software. Well, the pro version of the software is considered more efficient because it adds multi-headed and multi-model printing.

3D PrinterOS

As the name suggests, it is about the desktop Operating System on which we can run the designing software for 3D printing. It is a cloud-based platform that can efficiently integrate different components of printing and also an easy-to-use software which can control more than 1000 printers from various locations. The admins have direct access to advanced data analytics and can monitor the entire functioning of every print job. These OS deemed application or software will support more than 50 desktop 3D printers. It can be listed under the fastest 3D slicers available which give the user a better printing experience.

3D printing has paved the way for more advancements in various sectors from education to industry and even medicine. It has shown some of the quickest growth within many areas including medical applications like surgical uses of 3D printing-centric therapy techniques, bio-printing applications like stem cell implantation where 3D printing is considered an important method and other applications. The availability of much 3D printing software has enhanced the rate of 3D printing in today’s world. This software will take the 3D printing workflow to the next generation and provide an ultimate 3D printing experience.

Introspection versus Thinking

thinking vs introspection

Will it be possible to think up to the sky? Will it be worthy to think all the time of the day?
Well, the other question is will you be able to remain respectful in society for what we think.
A level of introspection is very much required all the way your life. Unless and until you start introspecting about yourself nothing would turn to be worthy.

This is where once existence is to be questioned. I would say that this life is very much scientific. But before going behind this scientific approach it is high time to evaluate yourself on the basis of morality. The morality what Jesus Christ taught us lying in the holy crosses or the morality what Tennyson wanted to teach through Lotus Eaters (one of his famous poems). In the absence of these, we run behind our personal needs without any conviction.
Let’s be alert! Of what we do.

In better form, I would suggest that self-examination will be very useful. You don’t have to carry anything with you when you undergo this process. Let me say that if you want to treat it scientifically consider it as an interview where you itself raise the question and answer.

Why do you feel stressed out?

The answer to the question can be abrupt but is very simple. It only because you are packed. Packed with your worries. How did you have these worries? Just because you are thinking so much. Now for you, my point about thinking seems to be very abrupt. But here is where we have to relate the difference between introspection or self-examination with thinking.

Mere thinking is a very good solution for problem-solving when your problem is well defined one. When you start thinking about the problem you are going through, the problem appears to be very much ill-defined. Here the normal kind of scientific thinking would only enable you to prepare plans on how to work. Not all plans are good and practicable. The solution comes when the answer is from your heart not from the brain.

Better don’t take decisions when you are angry or sad or happy. It has a possibility or getting wrong. Just understand thinking can produce words, it is highly poetic. From there, there is a chance of forming and deforming relationships.

Likes on Instagram: Yay or Nay!

instagram likes

Well we all know, Instagram is a social platform owned by Facebook, which is very famous among young adults. It was initially created to enable people to click and post pictures instantly, to let them share things happening in their life or around them in a fun way. And also Instagram slowly introduced many filters and stickers to make the posts that are shared to be more creative and interesting.

In Instagram, as many of y’all will be aware, there is an option to “LIKE” the post by either double-tapping on it or clicking the heart symbol on the bottom left corner of the post, and the app displays this count right under the post, and when you hit the numbers the name list appears. About a few months ago, Instagram removed the like count on a trial basis, in a few countries and this received a mixed response from the users. Following this, Instagram has very recently started expanding its test to private accounts from various other countries as well.

Just like the two sides of a coin, this action has both positive and negative responses, most of which are very strong and thought-provoking. Some people who have optimistically taken this, say that this action helps in removing the pressure from the minds of people, and also give less opportunity to judge people based on the likes their post has received. Some people are so addicted to the like count so much so that, they start judging themselves based on the likes the social world gives them. Beyond a point, it becomes as if they are seeking everyone’s approval for everything they do or yet to do. It might be something as small as purchasing a new shoe that might even go up to choosing their university or even picking their career. Instagram also seemed to have taken this decision considering all these factors. In their tweet announcing this update, they asked people to focus more on what they share and not to have their mind glued to the like count.

Having said that, what is the condition of people who depend on this platform for various other pieces of stuff. Contradicting right? Yes, there are many people on Instagram whose job is to reach to a greater audience, or maybe taking something, like their product or brand, to the masses.

There are many content creators out there like movie or book reviewers, bloggers, vloggers or even celebrities who use this social platform to take their creative work to the common public, to keep them informed. They prefer to stay in constant touch with the audience for the promotion of their work and a variety of reasons. And similarly, many people are running their business on Instagram because of the simplicity and wide range of customers they provide. Though they provide insights for their analysis, likes seem to make much more sense to most of them. They use this like count to assess the reach and sometimes the quality of their product. Also since the market is huge, it helps in creating a positive competitive spirit among themselves by looking at the likes.

So, how is this action when applied universally, affect things that are dependent on them in both good and bad ways? 

What is a Corporate Company?

corporate company

We are all familiar with the famous corporate companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Coca-cola, McDonald’s, etc. But do you really know what is a corporate company? Do you know that all these companies are an entity that is separate and distinct from its owners? Do you know there are different types of corporations? Before going into that first let us understand how corporate differs from a company owned by a single person?

Forming a Company

An entity that engages in business and can be a proprietorship, partnership or corporation is a company. One of the first and most important steps in starting a business is deciding how it will be structured. To make an informed choice, you will need to know how the different business structures work, the advantages and drawbacks of each.

  • Proprietorship: A proprietorship is a business comprising one individual and is not considered a formal organization. Legally, this business does not exist separately from its owner. The sole proprietor pays taxes on revenue from the business under his or her own name and is solely responsible for the financial operations of the company, including the payment of business debts. If the business is sued, the owner’s personal resources will be at risk.
  • Partnership: A general partnership is similar in structure to a proprietorship, except that this structure involves two or more people. Each partner pays his or her own taxes separately, using his own social security or tax ID number, but the company does not exist as a separate entity. In the event of a lawsuit, the financial resources of the business partners are at risk.
  • Corporation: A corporation is a business entity that legally exists separately from its owners. The owners are the shareholders and the percentage of ownership in the business is represented by their corporate stocks which are also called shares.

Advantages of a Corporation

  • A most important benefit is that it separates business assets from personal assets. A company can go out of business or file for bankruptcy, and this won’t put personal assets of the owner at risk. 
  • Next is that fewer taxes are often paid in a corporate structure than in other businesses. This means that if there are large profits being made, the amount of savings can be remarkable.

Types of corporations

S-corporation and C-corporation.

  • S-corporations are generally designed for small business owners. They aren’t usually required to pay corporate taxes and will instead pay taxes only on dividend earnings.
  • C-corporations are suitable for larger businesses or any other business structure types that are growing unexpectedly fast. You’ll have to pay corporate taxes in this structure and set up a board of directors.

Disadvantages of a Corporation:

  • Depending on the corporation, it may pay taxes on its income, after which shareholders pay taxes on any dividends received, so income can be taxed twice.
  • Depending on the corporation, the various types of income and other taxes that must be paid can require a substantial amount of paperwork. The exception to this scenario is the S corporation.

Advertising and its Effects on Children

ads children effects
little girl watching a cartoon on tv.

Waking up in the morning, as we dismiss off the alarm all of us slide off the “great offers” text that we’ve got. Rushing off to catch the bus all we got was a glimpse of the full-page advertisement on the front page of the newspaper lying by the front door. In midst of all the rush around, plug into earphones and as we play our favorite playlist there comes a time interrupting brand endorsement, letting out a deep sigh as we wait and see them move up to premium to go ad-free notification.

Passing tons of billboards, posters and flex boards on the way back, being stopped by an intern who eagerly hands off to give a free coupon of some promotional event. Day after day this cycle repeats. We often neglect or ignore the influence advertising has on our lives. But on a closer look, we can see how each of our simple choices from the brand of cereal we use to the car you aspire to buy in the future is all influenced upon by the advertisements that surround us. If advertisements have such a great impact on us adults who are considered mature, it makes us think upon the influence advertisement must have on children.

Children experience advertising in many forms – on TV, YouTube, apps, radio, billboards, magazines, newspapers, movies, the internet, advergames, text messages, social media and more. How children react to advertising can depend on several things, including their age, what they know or have experienced, and how many opportunities they’ve had to question and talk about what they see in the media.

Positive Effects

Advertising can have both positive as well as negative effects on children, based on the content, quality, and presentation of the advertisement. Advertisements, especially public service announcements present innovations and technological milestones that can offer a good learning opportunity to the child. Healthy food choices advertised the right way can also prompt the child to opt for a more balanced diet. Certain advertisements, those for hygiene products can help inculcate good habits in the child. Advertisements may also have motivating content that can encourage children to choose a profession or chase a specific dream. They can help them develop a passion for the same and work towards it from a young age. Certain advertisements that carry content relevant to social change can help promote empathy and a sense of duty towards the community in children. Cautionary advertisements that reveal the consequences of alcohol and smoking can help children understand the risks associated and urge them to stay clear of such products.

Negative Effects

While there are a few positive influences of advertisements, they indeed fail to outweigh the negatives. Adverse effects of advertisements like persuasion to purchase a product they like can be a real problem, as the parents may have a stubborn child on their hands demanding that they buy a specific product for him. The message of the advertisement may be interpreted the wrong way and children may tend to focus mainly on the negatives rather than the positives. Certain advertisements portray stunts that can be very dangerous. Although they do come with a statutory warning, it may often be ignored, and kids may attempt to imitate these stunts. Flashy advertisements can result in the development of an impulse buying habit in children. Brand consciousness and an affinity towards expensive branded items can be developed. This may make them shun inexpensive things that serve the same purpose. A large portion of the food items advertised is junk food and has a visually appealing advertise targeting young children. These can influence the eating habits of the child and promote an unhealthy diet leading to obesity. Children may also tend to have lower self-esteem if they believe themselves to be inferior for not owning the various products that are advertised, especially so, if their friends possess these items. The sexual objectification of women in some advertisements is a cause for concern, as children grow up to think that this is the norm. The visual portrayal of certain inappropriate acts in the adverts like lying or cheating can make a vulnerable child believe that the behavior is acceptable.

What can we do?

Knowingly or unknowingly advertisement too has become a part of our daily lives. Enveloped in a world of technology we can’t “guard” children away from advertisements. But what we can do is educate children about advertisements. Children can be taught about the finer concepts of the marketing world. A conversation can be initiated to the child about various strategies that are used by the advertisers to catch hold of his attention. Instead of making a child a pawn to the advertisements it is much better to educate him about it and thus promote his intellectual growth. He can be told about the real nature of the product, how it wouldn’t exactly be the same as what he had seen or picturized and thus expected based upon advertisements. So while humming that new jingle that’s stuck up in your head you must really remind yourself not to get too obsessed upon the product that’s there hiding within the jingle.

How to Prepare well for CBSE Boards Exam?

cbsc exam tips

CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION(CBSE), it conducts lots of exams in our country and also in foreign countries too. It also conducts an Exam known as CNSE boards. Where generally some students say that it’s a bit tough and someone says that no it’s easy… and due to this so many students get confused about how to prepare for boards so that they can get good marks so that they can opt for a good career option. So in this article, we have discussed HOW TO PREPARE FOR CBSE BOARDS Exam.

As we see there are lots and lots of books are present in the markets related to the preparation of Boards exams so student often gets confused in choosing the best book for practice in less time. So here we will see how to study smartly so that we can prepare well to sit in the examination

First, let us talk about books we must buy for practice purpose and also don’t forget to read NCERT books because all of the questions come from this book. And don’t escape any line of NCERT book as most of the questions are being made from the theory part of this book. Now let’s see the name of bools which you should opt for the practice purpose.

  • Arihant(All in one) book: This is the best book for practice and also you can clarify all your doubts from this book to as it is been given with the pointwise notes of all the chapters coming in the board’s exams (must book for class 10th students)
  • Arihant chapter wise book: this is a very helpful and important book as it provides you with the chapter-wise revision in short and in a simple way and also with previous year questions being asked before from the particular chapter.
  • Oswal: This is a practice set and the same as the questions are being asked in the boards so you can try it for your practice purpose also it predicts the best questions whose chances are good to come in boards.
  • NCERT: The solution to every problem related to boards so do not avoid reading it.

Tips to prepare smartly for your exam.

If you are not prepared for boards and you also don’t have sufficient time to study each and every point of your book. So the best thing to work smartly is, you need to make a proper list of the important derivations and topics from each chapter. Also, purchase Arihant books which suits you as I have provided the list of some, and try to solve all the previous year problem before sitting in the exam. Clear all your doubts from your teachers, friend or the best option is youtube so go and find all your doubts and clear them out. Learn each and every derivation of the chapter optics. Take less stress and avoid studying late at night just before the exam so that you can concentrate during examination rather than suffering from sleep.

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